Horze – It’s a Lifestyle Indeed

An equestrian accessories company was brought to our attention recently. Horze is a Scandinavian company that has mainly been in Europe, but is now making its way into the North American market. So we’re wondering, since their name is a play on an English word, were any of the creators native English speakers? Kind of like when someone first suggested naming the stallion Pik Bube, didn’t anyone in the group speak English well enough to raise an eyebrow when the name was spoken out loud?

Their slogan is, “Horze. It’s a lifestyle.”

Sound it out.

It’s not Horse with an S. It’s Horze with a Z.

Still not getting it?

We’ll circle back.


A cool bag made by Horze came into the IFLH offices at Christmas time and our resident dressage rider was on it like mustard on a hotdog. We know very well that she loves anything organizational or storage related. And we also know that she is….let’s say efficient, and therefore wants to make as few trips back to the tack room as possible. This bag is perfect to store and carry boots, bandages, stable wraps, cottons or quilts. It would also be handy to carry spurs, gloves and a dressage whip or two. No return trip to the tack room needed. It’s made of heavy nylon and has six separate compartments. It even has a clear window all around so you can see what’s in it without opening the top flat. Clever.

Horze bandage bag

OK back to our original point. Our dressage rider says this bag is definitely going with her to shows, because she cannot wait for the day she can shout across a crowded warm-up ring, “Could somebody run back to the tack stall and get my whip and spurs? They’re in my Horze bag.”


Sorry Horze.




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