Dear Jackass: Which Equestrian Are You?

Do any of these sound familiar? Then you probably ride at a multi-discipline barn. Feel the burn.


Have you ever received a Dear Jackass note? Have you written one? Have you wanted to? Do tell!


2 thoughts on “Dear Jackass: Which Equestrian Are You?”

  1. These notes are hilarious… is a note I would have loved to post in some of the previous barns I was at…my present barn is perfect
    Dear Jack ass jumper rider
    Maybe you could call your jump before you actually half way over the jump and give us a fighting chance to move. And moving all jump standards to the center of the arena …not helpful. Still can not do a twenty metre circle or cross the diagonal…oh you may look impressive hurtling your self over those jumps but your horse is on the forehand and your ass looks huge..

    Namaste dressage diva Lol


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