Nicely Done Horseware

Like a lot of riders, I love me a good vest. I couldn’t resist buying this one from Horseware Ireland a few years ago because I liked the styling, the cut, and the ribbed side panels. While they do not carry this line anymore (thank you Elizabeth from Horseware customer service) I’m going to review it anyway because I think it’s probably a good indicator of the quality of other products they carry.

Lucinda Green wearing a vest from Horseware

The first time I wore it to the barn, a fellow rider immediately gave me a compliment and asked me where I had bought it. I was flattered until she added, “I’m super glad I would need a small though. I wouldn’t want to advertise that I wear a large if I were you.”

I was confused until I realized she thought L/G stood for large.

Lucinda Green Horseware vest

It actually stands for legendary event rider Lucinda Green.

Whatever. What can I say? Bitches be crazy.

I’ve worn this vest almost every day in the winter because it’s so warm. The zippers are all metal and I’ve never had any of them get stuck in the fabric a la George Costanza. Catching fabric in a zipper is something that makes me so nuts, I’ve been known to hack garments up with scissors when I can’t get them unstuck.

Whatever. What can I say? Bitches be crazy.

It has a thick turtleneck collar that keeps your neck toasty too, if you like that sort of thing. I, however, am not a fan of the poofy collar and instead prefer collars that lie flat. I found out just how well made this vest was when I had the bright idea to remove some of the filler in the collar.

I went to work opening the seam at the back of the collar with tiny, sharp nose hair scissors. I soon realized the seams were sewn so tight that it wasn’t going to be an easy task. After I finally got about an inch cut, I realized there was an inner lining that was just as tight. I hadn’t even realized the vest was down, because of this strong inner liner that encapsulates it. I removed about half of the down before slapping a piece of scotch tape over the hole that I planned to restitch eventually.

Lucinda Green Horseware vest

Fast forward to laundry day and, yes, you guessed it dear readers. I washed the vest forgetting about the tape, the hole, and the rest of the down. When I opened the washer lid, down wafted out like a blizzard at the North Pole. There was down everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I can assure you Horseware does not skimp on filler because I’ll be finding down in my house until Kanye and Swifty are BFFs.

Down from Horseware vest

So, in conclusion, well done Horseware. I can say, with utter conviction, that this vest is an extremely well-made product. Your quality and attention to detail are top-notch and I look forward to destroying…I mean reviewing other Horseware products in the future. (The fact that I came to this conclusion by being a total dumbass, is irrelevent.)

Kaley Cuoco Penny Big Bang face palm gif



2 thoughts on “Nicely Done Horseware”

  1. This made me chuckle, as I am constantly having to remove fluffy stuff from my washing machine and I know how it just seems to go everywhere. I am the designated rug repairer at the stables where I work part-time. I get rugs in various stages of disrepair – ripped, chewed, all straps torn off and so on. Of course when I take them home they are filthy so I have to wash them before attempting any repair. Then, because the rugs have holes in them I invariably end up with lots of wadding / fibrefill in the machine, plus bits of bedding that have become embedded in the rugs also end up in the washing machine.


    1. Ok you win…you’ve got it way worse. Designated rug repairer, ugh you probably have to live with horse hair in your underwear – hope that job at least comes with benefits!


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