Equestrian News Roundup – April Part 2

In Case You Missed It

Can’t we all just get along?

In equestrian news, the ongoing feud between the FEI and the Longines Global Champions League (GCL) heated up when two officials were suspended following the event in Miami Beach. The GCL brings the world’s top 30 ranked show jumpers to swanky locations for big prize money. But don’t count the FEI among the millions or so fans who watch the competitions either in person or live streamed. They suspended the 2 officials after Miami because they are FEI accredited, but the GCL isn’t a sanctioned event so technically the officials are not allowed to officiate. The GCL doesn’t seem to be losing any sleep over it and the officials said sorry, not sorry, the Global Champions League is good for the sport. Read their full statement here. Come on FEI – where else are we going to be able to watch world-class show jumping with no pants on?

Equestrian news showjumper in Miami Beach

 Things are about to get awesome.

Because Rolex starts April 28th. A country singer is performing at the party after cross country this year who apparently is one of the hottest new faces in music. But don’t take it from us, we thought Coachella was a virus.

Equestrian news country singer Hunter Hayes


And in another chapter of “Places You Want To Be,” the Horses & Dreams event kicked off in Denmark on April 20th, organized by the same people who put on the drool-worthy, can’t-even-afford-a-shoe-off-of-one-of-those-horses Performance Sales International auctions. This time it’s a charity event combining sport and entertainment to benefit projects for children in need.

Better get the tissues.

It wasn’t such a happy month for the legendary racehorse Zenyattawho lost her 4 day-old foal to meconium aspiration syndrome.

It was also sad news for those following the story of the heroic police horse Shaktiman who was brutally injured during a political riot and had to have his leg amputated. Despite efforts by his caretakers, the horse lost his battle to survive with a prosthetic leg.

Dozens of horses were rescued from the Cypress Trails Equestrian Centre after record-breaking flooding in Texas thanks to the efforts of police and citizens. The Houston SPCA was called in to assist the trapped horses that were struggling to keep their heads above the rising flood waters. The Office of Emergency Management has determined that no horses died.

Goodbye octogenarian…

Hello nonagenarian. On April 21st the Queen (and fellow horse-lover) celebrated her 90th birthday. The celebration was an equestrian affair with 900 horses and 1,500 riders participating. It’s not exactly clear how those ratios are possible, but 900 horses anywhere would sure be a great party.

Equestrian news Queen Elizabeth riding a racehorse

And in breaking news….it would appear the newest generation may be following in Great Grandmama’s stirrups.

Equestrian news Prince George on his rocking horse

Speaking of British octogenarians…

Oscar winning actress and race horse owner, Dame Judi Dench will take over as the new patron of the British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre. Glad you have some free time Ms. Dench, but oh how we’re going to miss you M.

Equestrian news Dame Judi Dench

Are those breeches you’re wearing?

No, actually they’re smarty pants.

Equestrian, mechanical engineer and budding entrepreneur Caitlin Parrucci won the Student Business of the year at Cornell University. She invented a bucket that alerts to changes in drinking habits by measuring how much a horse drinks. Ms. Parrucci has been riding for 15 years and joined the university’s equestrian team as a first year student. Now if someone invents a similar device for wine, we’re screwed.


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